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    Our Shredding Services

    Access Records Storage has been locally owned and operated in the Central Florida area for more than 25 years. No job is too big or too small for Access Records, we are flexible and can respond to the shredding needs of any company. We’re an extension of your office, we work for you! Our services include a one-time clean out for those companies who have documents stored away, or a regular scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, monthly service for those companies who consistently need to dispose of confidential data. We are able to handle any needs your company may have and will work with you in order to provide the service that works best for your company.

    Once your confidential documents are shredded, 100% of the paper is compressed into 1000 lb bales. It is then sent to a paper mill for recycling. At Access Records, we are dedicated not only to the secure destruction of your data, but also to the protection and preservation of our environment. The paper we shred at Access Records becomes recycled products such as copy machine paper, paper towels, napkins, and many other recycled products.

    Access Records provides locked containers to store confidential documents until pickup. We offer professional looking, locking cabinets with a convenient paper slot. We also provide a variety of different sized bins in order to accommodate whatever your shredding needs may be. We have a gray locking cabinet which holds the equivalent of 3 boxes of paper and a large rolling bin that is 96-gallons and holds 300 lbs. Most importantly, we are a 1/3 of the price of a national company.

    Over 150 companies, large and small, trust us to manage shredding and storage of more than 100,000 boxes of important and confidential records. Most importantly, whether you need to store thousands of boxes or only a few, we guarantee you the same dedicated customer service we guarantee every client. As a local owned company, our reputation means everything to us. Please contact us today for a free consultation and let us show you how we can save you time, money, and labor.

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    Shredding – What’s Best For My Business?

    Shredding – What’s Best For My Business? 

    Do you know what’s best for your business when it comes to shredding? Who should handle your shredding? An off-site company, a mobile company, or having staff shred internally? If you require shredding services for your company it’s extremely important that you find the best and most secure solution, as well as the most cost-effective solution for your shredding needs. In this article, we will compare some of the main types of shredding services so that you can enjoy greater advantages for your company.
    Making Shredding a Staff Responsibility:  Allowing specific staff members at your business to provide shredding services is never economical, especially when you are refocusing an employee and pulling them from a different department. Unless you have your own plant shredders, the machines often break, are not meant to handle much volume, and are a constant source of frustration and cost. Not to mention, is your shredded paper going in the garbage can? Getting rid of the shredded paper is a large task, shredded paper expands to 5 times its normal volume. A dedicated shred company will always recycle shredded paper. Allowing in-house employees for shredding tasks also increases the risk for security problems. While it is convenient to have shredding services on-site and always available, it’s often not worth the extra expense or the risks.
    Hiring An On-Site/Mobile Company for Shredding: On-site companies can come with all of the appropriate equipment required for shredding. This often involves a bit of a disruption for your business as you will have to find space for them to work or an area in your parking lot where they can set up and provide service. Extra costs are also relatively expensive for the convenience of having a truck show up to handle shredding, and you may face multiple contract fees, fuel fees, and have to meet a monthly minimum. This often means sensitive documents have to sit around waiting for your service appointment and the time when the company can come.

    Hiring an Off-Site Shredding Service: Off-site shredding services have become one of the more popular choices for many companies because they are extremely low-cost and offer more flexibility. Documents can be picked up daily, and are much more flexible based on the need of a business. Also, documents are destroyed when they are delivered. A reputable, established off-site shred company should provide locked containers to store confidential documents until pickup. They’re usually professional looking, locking cabinets with a convenient paper slot. This enhances security, lowers cost, and ensures that optimal customer service is delivered for all of your shredding needs. Off-Site shred companies also work directly with recycling programs, so you can be sure your office is doing what’s best for the environment.

    As you can see, while there are several options for shredding your office documents, hiring an off-site company is almost always the best bet. Allowing a professional company to manage this area of your business takes one headache of your plate, and provides peace of mind you can count on.