7 Ways to Improve Your Office Productivity

Scan patient records on demandWhen it comes to running a productive office, you may feel as if you’ve got it down. However, in most cases there are some areas where your office could improve. Are you truly as productive as you feel you could and should be? How are the organization skills of those in the office? Have you thought of ways you would like to improve or are you looking for key ideas to help you make the office run more smoothly?

There are many ways you can help your office increase productivity while making sure everything runs like a well-oiled machine. Keeping tips such as the following in mind will help you keep your office organized.

Label Everything Correctly

If you store your items in a box, make sure that the boxes are labeled on the front of the box. Be sure to keep as much information in plain site as you can to help others know exactly what should be in each box. Label them with the departments, when necessary, so each department also recognizes where items should be. Be sure that you’re labeling each box on the front rather than the side or the lid of the box. This helps each person easily see what’s in the storage container in a quick manner. This prevents having to dig through the boxes if another one is on top of it or beside it. Keep everything in plain sight so that each person that comes through knows exactly what is in it.

The folders that go into the box should also be carefully labeled. Come up with a filing system that is easy to understand for the whole office and keep to it. Be sure that everyone who is in charge of filing folders back understands the system. This makes it easy to quickly find the file you need or replace it when you’re finished.

Don’t Let Files Lay Around

One of the most common ways that files get misplaced or your desk gets cluttered up is by allowing files you’re finished with to stick around. If you’re completed with the file you have, be sure to send it back to storage or take it back where it belongs yourself. Either way you need to make sure that files are not kept around in your office more than they are needed. Someone else may need the file as well and if it’s on your desk, they won’t be able to find it in the storage unit. They would then be on a mission to find the missing file and it will slow down productivity. Be sure you put files back as soon as possible once you’ve completed the job at hand.

Keep All Papers Together

If you’re working on a particular file, be sure that everything stays in that folder until you’re ready to store it away again. Papers getting misplaced while in transit or while someone is working can cause your productivity to be very slow. Be sure that you do not keep papers separate from the file on your desk. Use the paper and then place it back in the file until you’re ready to send the whole file back to storage.

Know the Required Length of Storage

Depending on the line of work you’re in, there is a requirement for length of time that you must keep files on hand. Some files are to be kept a few years and others may be needed up to seven or even ten years down the road. Be sure that you keep the entire office updated on the record storage requirements so that everyone is on the same page. Once the time limit is up for the keeping of the file, you can then follow the next tip which is put your shredding service to good use.

Use Your Shred Service

Be sure your office is aware of the time requirements before shredding documents but be sure to use your shredding service company. They can help you to remove documents safely and securely without cluttering up your office or storage space. They are professional and will handle the job with the privacy and security that is required when handling confidential documents.

Have Regular Cleaning Out Days

Consider scheduling a monthly cleanup. Go through your office document storage area and clear out the files that can be shredded. This will help to cut down on the clutter and back log of your storage unit. Have a designated employee that goes through once a month to make sure that the files that can be done away with are shredded and handled properly.

Create a Plan

One of the most important things you can do to help your office productivity is create a written plan for everyone to use. This will keep everyone on the same page in the office so they are all aware of the storage and filing procedures. Make sure you include items such as how you want files or storage boxes labeled, the legal requirement for length files should be kept, and what the shredding procedures to be followed are. Make sure that if you’ve previously had a plan in place that it is updated on a regular basis. Also, be sure that everyone has a copy of it and that someone checks periodically to see if everyone is following the process. This will help the employees to all know what is expected of them as they are handling confidential files.

Keeping the productivity in your office running smoothly is as simple as having a plan in place and following that plan. This will help everyone to be in the same mind frame when it comes to storage of files and how they should be handled.

If you need help getting a plan in place, contact us today and ask for a free consultation. Let us show you how we can save you time, money, and labor.