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  • Access Records Storage Shredding

    Our Shredding Services

    Access Records Storage has been locally owned and operated in the Central Florida area for more than 25 years. No job is too big or too small for Access Records, we are flexible and can respond to the shredding needs of any company. We’re an extension of your office, we work for you! Our services include a one-time clean out for those companies who have documents stored away, or a regular scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, monthly service for those companies who consistently need to dispose of confidential data. We are able to handle any needs your company may have and will work with you in order to provide the service that works best for your company.

    Once your confidential documents are shredded, 100% of the paper is compressed into 1000 lb bales. It is then sent to a paper mill for recycling. At Access Records, we are dedicated not only to the secure destruction of your data, but also to the protection and preservation of our environment. The paper we shred at Access Records becomes recycled products such as copy machine paper, paper towels, napkins, and many other recycled products.

    Access Records provides locked containers to store confidential documents until pickup. We offer professional looking, locking cabinets with a convenient paper slot. We also provide a variety of different sized bins in order to accommodate whatever your shredding needs may be. We have a gray locking cabinet which holds the equivalent of 3 boxes of paper and a large rolling bin that is 96-gallons and holds 300 lbs. Most importantly, we are a 1/3 of the price of a national company.

    Over 150 companies, large and small, trust us to manage shredding and storage of more than 100,000 boxes of important and confidential records. Most importantly, whether you need to store thousands of boxes or only a few, we guarantee you the same dedicated customer service we guarantee every client. As a local owned company, our reputation means everything to us. Please contact us today for a free consultation and let us show you how we can save you time, money, and labor.

  • Shredding Comparison Access Records Storage

    Shredding – What’s Best For My Business?

    Shredding – What’s Best For My Business? 

    Do you know what’s best for your business when it comes to shredding? Who should handle your shredding? An off-site company, a mobile company, or having staff shred internally? If you require shredding services for your company it’s extremely important that you find the best and most secure solution, as well as the most cost-effective solution for your shredding needs. In this article, we will compare some of the main types of shredding services so that you can enjoy greater advantages for your company.
    Making Shredding a Staff Responsibility:  Allowing specific staff members at your business to provide shredding services is never economical, especially when you are refocusing an employee and pulling them from a different department. Unless you have your own plant shredders, the machines often break, are not meant to handle much volume, and are a constant source of frustration and cost. Not to mention, is your shredded paper going in the garbage can? Getting rid of the shredded paper is a large task, shredded paper expands to 5 times its normal volume. A dedicated shred company will always recycle shredded paper. Allowing in-house employees for shredding tasks also increases the risk for security problems. While it is convenient to have shredding services on-site and always available, it’s often not worth the extra expense or the risks.
    Hiring An On-Site/Mobile Company for Shredding: On-site companies can come with all of the appropriate equipment required for shredding. This often involves a bit of a disruption for your business as you will have to find space for them to work or an area in your parking lot where they can set up and provide service. Extra costs are also relatively expensive for the convenience of having a truck show up to handle shredding, and you may face multiple contract fees, fuel fees, and have to meet a monthly minimum. This often means sensitive documents have to sit around waiting for your service appointment and the time when the company can come.

    Hiring an Off-Site Shredding Service: Off-site shredding services have become one of the more popular choices for many companies because they are extremely low-cost and offer more flexibility. Documents can be picked up daily, and are much more flexible based on the need of a business. Also, documents are destroyed when they are delivered. A reputable, established off-site shred company should provide locked containers to store confidential documents until pickup. They’re usually professional looking, locking cabinets with a convenient paper slot. This enhances security, lowers cost, and ensures that optimal customer service is delivered for all of your shredding needs. Off-Site shred companies also work directly with recycling programs, so you can be sure your office is doing what’s best for the environment.

    As you can see, while there are several options for shredding your office documents, hiring an off-site company is almost always the best bet. Allowing a professional company to manage this area of your business takes one headache of your plate, and provides peace of mind you can count on.

  • Access Records Storage

    Are You Really Storing Records and Files in an Attic? Time to Check Your Workman’s Comp Insurance!

    When it comes to storing your business records, you want to be sure your method is safe and secure for all parties involved. That also includes your employees under your supervision. Perhaps you’re storing all your required files and records in the attic of your building. While that may have worked in the past, there are better and more secure ways of storing your files now. If you are still storing those files and items in the attic or on upper floors, there are a few things you need to be aware of. For instance, are you sure your insurance is covering the employees handling those files? Most workman’s comp and insurance only cover up to 50 pounds for office staff to lift, and never covers ladders above a few feet.

    Make sure that if you’re going to stay with the storage in the attic method, that you check out a few of these tips down below. Also, keep in mind that you may need to rethink how you store after you’ve taken inventory.

    Does This Method Put Employees at Risk?

    When your employees are getting records or putting them back where they belong, are you putting them at risk of injury during the process? If you do not have stairs to your attic, there is a huge risk of injury when a ladder is in use. Your employees may fall down or off the ladder while trying to carry the files and boxes up or down the ladder itself. Even asking employees to drag heavy boxes around, or up and down stairs is an issue that should be reviewed. This can cause huge problems if you’re not sure of insurance coverage, which leads to the next critical point to keep in mind.

    Does Your Liability/Worker’s Compensation Insurance Cover Ladder Usage?

    Consider this. When you use the attic for storage, your files can be in heavy boxes that have to be carried up and down those ladders. Perhaps you even have stairs that can be utilized to get the boxes up and down. While that is better than a ladder, there is still a risk of falls and injuries while carrying those heavy boxes up and down. Does your insurance account for workplace injuries such as this? What would happen if an employee were carrying a box up the stairs and fell? Would your insurance cover them or would this cause a huge problem?

    You need to be sure that your liability and worker’s compensation coverage is in place to account for all possibilities on the worksite. Make sure you consult with your insurance representative if you’re going to store items in this manner to guarantee that all aspects are covered. You do not want an injured employee, nor do you want to face an injury such as this without some coverage in place.

    Consider Safety of the Records

    What about the records and information itself? Are they safe and protected in the attic? First, you need to consider the atmosphere you putting them in. Most attics do not have ventilation in them so they are hot and musty most of the year. They can also face extreme temperature differences depending on the insulation you’ve placed in the attic area.

    What about rodents or bugs that can gain access to the attic area? What would happen if they started destroying files in the attic and those were the only copies you had? What type of issues would that raise for you? You need to consider the fact that the safety of your files and information could all be at risk. Not only from damage from outside, unwanted visitors, but also damage from the weather, conditions in the attic or the fact that someone could gain access.

    Reliability of the System

    Another highly crucial point of storing your files in the attic is to consider how reliable the system is. Can you count on this file management system when you need to access files? Consider this example. You’re working on a customer file or a case and you need quick access to a folder or information that is stored up in the attic. How long will it take you to get to that file? Do you easily know where everything is or will it take a little while to find the file in the attic boxes above? Is this customer sitting right in front of you and you have to leave them to go find a file or have someone else go and find it for you?

    Reliability and accessibility are two very important items to consider when you’re storing important information and files in your workplace. You want to be able to easily put your hands on the file and information you need, when you need to. You do not want to have to wait or make your customer wait for a long period so you can go and hunt the file down.

    While filing in the attic may have been a great way to store items in the past, there are new and easier file management systems today that can help you streamline your business. If you’re still wanting to utilize the attic storage, then be sure to consider the above-mentioned ideas and tips. You do not want to risk injury to your employees or face problems if they are injured due to the lack of coverage. You also need to be able to access files when you need them and ensure your information is protected from the elements.

    Consider converting your filing systems over to a more streamlined procedure or at least putting a filing procedure in place so that everyone can find the files when needed. When was the last time you checked your filing procedure manual? Perhaps that’s the first place to start to make sure everyone in the company is on the same page.

  • Access Records Storage Ocala Specializes in Records Management

    Records Management Ocala

    At Access Records Storage of Ocala, we specialize in records management and document storage. A component of records management that is many times overlooked? Records destruction. We will work with you/your accounting and legal advisors to set up a schedule that complies with your needs, and the various Federal, State, and other regulations.

    By setting up a retention schedule, you will not only reduce storage costs, but also be assured that your obsolete records will be destroyed in a professional manner. Best of all, Access Records Storage Ocala will handle it for you! Access will notify you when records can be destroyed, according to your schedule. Then, with your approval, we will remove and shred the obsolete records. Should your needs require certified or confidential destruction, we can handle that too.

    Curious about where to start? Download our free schedule as a starting point to determine your company’s records retention schedule:

    Access Records Storage, Inc. has been serving customers since 1991. For over 25 years we have helped Central Florida companies save time and money, while enjoying increased efficiency and peace of mind.

    Over 150 companies, large and small, trust us to manage more than 100,000 boxes of important and confidential records.  Most importantly, whether you need to store thousands of boxes or only a few, we guarantee you the same dedicated customer service we guarantee every client.

    Please contact us today for a free consultation and let us show you how we can save you time, money, and labor.

  • Could Your Office Garbage Can Ruin Your Business?

    Protecting Your Company – How Safe Is Your Information?

    You’ve seen the news stories about companies losing thousands of clients personal information – email logins, passwords, etc. For example, the Yahoo hack that’s been going on for the past several years. This happened when someone hacked their information system and was then able to gain access to sensitive, personal information. They are working to protect their clients but it has been a huge issue for those in the Yahoo mail world.

    Consider your business or company. Your company’s life blood is the clients you serve and the information your servers, and your employees, have access to. How secure is your information? How secure is your client’s information or your recipes/methods for doing business, etc.? These are all facets of your company that you should know are secure and that you can pinpoint the loopholes where information is potentially vulnerable. Take a few minutes to learn what can happen to your company without proper safety measures, and learn how you can help prevent disaster such as the recent hacks.

    Vulnerable Locations

    Consider this example for a few moments. You have a very technical savvy person in your office that has become disgruntled because of something that has gone on in the workplace. Perhaps they were disciplined for something that was done or maybe they didn’t get the bonus they feltthey should have received. Either way, they are upset with the company and want to get even.

    Did you know that a tech savvy employee and a USB thumb drive could totally devastate your business? All it takes is for them to download personal client information on to the drive and they walk out with everything that makes your business what it is. That could be a huge client breach and cost you large amounts of money if the information is leaked or even given to your competitors.

    If your security systems in place are not what they should be, your employees that know how to work around the firewalls could also find out personal information from other employees. They may locate the personnel files of your employees, find out their salary or their personal information. Your employee could have information to others social security numbers, date of birth, address, and other confidential information. This could lead to identity theft starting right in your own company.

    Another area that would be vulnerable is your company’s confidential information such as formulas used for your products, recipes, or even the data on upcoming patents your company is trying to receive. This could cause someone else to use your information before you can and thus take your company down. All of this is scary to consider but it is something that you as the owner or president of your company have to think about.

    Ways to Protect Your Company and Your Clients

    There are several ways you can consider to help prevent this from happening to your company, clients, or employees. Consider your security measures in place. Do you have a written protocol that every employee is to follow with confidential data? What about the notes they write while on phone calls that may contain personal information? What is the process for handling files and papers that are no longer needed but have vital information? How old is the plan you have in place?

    By having a plan set in place, all employees updated on procedures, and tackling the vulnerable spots below, you can help to protect everyone in your company and reduce the security risks.

    Here are a few spots you need to consider when updating your security plan:

    • Trash cans – Each trash can in your office is a hole where information can be seeped from. The employees in your company need to know what is okay to throw in the trashcans and what needs to be shredded or disposed of differently. Be sure that everyone is informed on the procedures and check to make sure they are being followed routinely.
    • Dumpsters – If your employees are not following the safety and security protocols in place, this is a high point of vulnerability. Dumpster divers can go through your trash at night or on weekends and find out vital information from your clients or even yourself. They can find passwords, scraps of personal data, and even client information that should never have been thrown away.
    • USB Ports – Your computer systems have USB ports and this is a very vulnerable location. The information can be downloaded and taken out of the office, or someone could upload a virus into the system itself. This is an area where protection is a must.

    Becoming aware of these security holes can help you to better safeguard your office. While you’d like to believe your employees are all honest, in reality it is not true. Some employees can become disgruntled or feel as if they sell off the information they can get the money they feel they deserve.

    Be sure to go over your safety protocols on a regular basis and ensure they are being followed. Talk with your employees on a scheduled basis to make sure that any questions are covered and that everyone is on the same page. Routinely update your protocols with better options as they become available and make sure that every desk area has a shred box nearby to keep those valuable pieces of materials protected.

    Evaluate the risks your office has and work on a plan that fits your business needs. While you can’t stop all fraud activity that may take place, you can put in preventative measures to reduce the risks and stop as much as possible.

    Contact us today to book a time for a free consultation and let us show you how we can save you time, money, and labor.

  • 7 Ways to Improve Your Office Productivity

    Scan patient records on demandWhen it comes to running a productive office, you may feel as if you’ve got it down. However, in most cases there are some areas where your office could improve. Are you truly as productive as you feel you could and should be? How are the organization skills of those in the office? Have you thought of ways you would like to improve or are you looking for key ideas to help you make the office run more smoothly?

    There are many ways you can help your office increase productivity while making sure everything runs like a well-oiled machine. Keeping tips such as the following in mind will help you keep your office organized.

    Label Everything Correctly

    If you store your items in a box, make sure that the boxes are labeled on the front of the box. Be sure to keep as much information in plain site as you can to help others know exactly what should be in each box. Label them with the departments, when necessary, so each department also recognizes where items should be. Be sure that you’re labeling each box on the front rather than the side or the lid of the box. This helps each person easily see what’s in the storage container in a quick manner. This prevents having to dig through the boxes if another one is on top of it or beside it. Keep everything in plain sight so that each person that comes through knows exactly what is in it.

    The folders that go into the box should also be carefully labeled. Come up with a filing system that is easy to understand for the whole office and keep to it. Be sure that everyone who is in charge of filing folders back understands the system. This makes it easy to quickly find the file you need or replace it when you’re finished.

    Don’t Let Files Lay Around

    One of the most common ways that files get misplaced or your desk gets cluttered up is by allowing files you’re finished with to stick around. If you’re completed with the file you have, be sure to send it back to storage or take it back where it belongs yourself. Either way you need to make sure that files are not kept around in your office more than they are needed. Someone else may need the file as well and if it’s on your desk, they won’t be able to find it in the storage unit. They would then be on a mission to find the missing file and it will slow down productivity. Be sure you put files back as soon as possible once you’ve completed the job at hand.

    Keep All Papers Together

    If you’re working on a particular file, be sure that everything stays in that folder until you’re ready to store it away again. Papers getting misplaced while in transit or while someone is working can cause your productivity to be very slow. Be sure that you do not keep papers separate from the file on your desk. Use the paper and then place it back in the file until you’re ready to send the whole file back to storage.

    Know the Required Length of Storage

    Depending on the line of work you’re in, there is a requirement for length of time that you must keep files on hand. Some files are to be kept a few years and others may be needed up to seven or even ten years down the road. Be sure that you keep the entire office updated on the record storage requirements so that everyone is on the same page. Once the time limit is up for the keeping of the file, you can then follow the next tip which is put your shredding service to good use.

    Use Your Shred Service

    Be sure your office is aware of the time requirements before shredding documents but be sure to use your shredding service company. They can help you to remove documents safely and securely without cluttering up your office or storage space. They are professional and will handle the job with the privacy and security that is required when handling confidential documents.

    Have Regular Cleaning Out Days

    Consider scheduling a monthly cleanup. Go through your office document storage area and clear out the files that can be shredded. This will help to cut down on the clutter and back log of your storage unit. Have a designated employee that goes through once a month to make sure that the files that can be done away with are shredded and handled properly.

    Create a Plan

    One of the most important things you can do to help your office productivity is create a written plan for everyone to use. This will keep everyone on the same page in the office so they are all aware of the storage and filing procedures. Make sure you include items such as how you want files or storage boxes labeled, the legal requirement for length files should be kept, and what the shredding procedures to be followed are. Make sure that if you’ve previously had a plan in place that it is updated on a regular basis. Also, be sure that everyone has a copy of it and that someone checks periodically to see if everyone is following the process. This will help the employees to all know what is expected of them as they are handling confidential files.

    Keeping the productivity in your office running smoothly is as simple as having a plan in place and following that plan. This will help everyone to be in the same mind frame when it comes to storage of files and how they should be handled.

    If you need help getting a plan in place, contact us today and ask for a free consultation. Let us show you how we can save you time, money, and labor.

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