How Safe is Your Cloud Backup? There is and Alternative!

We have all seen on the news the many lapses in security for electronic data storage lately. Target and Neiman Marcus are just the two largest thefts of personal information that have made the news lately. How many breaches have occurred that we have not heard about? It is a scary thing to think that some outside person could have access to your confidential information. As a business we all have to take this very seriously. The clean up and liability from a breach can cause a large financial and public cost to your company.

Access Records offers a backup rotation and library of your data stored on hard drives or tape backups on a schedule that fits your needs. We can store your physical data in our climate controlled vault. We can pickup daily if needed and rotate your new backup out with older backups to your offices. This provides for you the ability to go back in time if there is some data that needs to be retrieved. You are then assured that your data is safe and not left to the cloud. Call us today to set up a schedule that meets your needs!

Keenan Helvey


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