Personal Storage

Have Your Run Out Of Room For Storage?

Do you dread going to the mini storage?

Do you have some things cluttering your house that need to be stored but not sure what to do?

Do you live in two locations and would like to have some items stored while you are away?

Are the boxes just too heavy to lift and transport to mini storage?

We can help!

We offer a secure storage by the box for your valuable items. We can store items you have in your own boxes or in ones we provide. Its simple. No lifting or transporting. You pack up your boxes and call us. We will come and pick them up. When you need some or all of them back just let us know and we will deliver them back to you. You will receive an inventory report of the boxes stored with us so you will always know what you have in storage.

We can even ship your boxes to any location in the US directly for you.

Your valuable items are stored in our secure facility. We have state of the art 24 hour security including fire, burglar and cameras. Our facility is designed for secure records and confidential storage. Our staff is background checked and insured. We have been in business for over 21 years managing hundreds of thousands of boxes for companies and individuals like you.

We offer several payment options. You can pay for a specific time to store your items or pay by the month.  There are no long term contracts.

We charge $3.00 per cubic foot for any size box you have. The pickup and delivery charge is just $15.00 for locations within 25 miles of Ocala. Call us for rates on locations ouside of the 25 mile radius.

Your credit card will be charged on the first of each month for your storage. If you choose to be billed by mail then a $1.00 per month statement fee will be charged.

We can customize the services we proved for your specific needs. Boxes cannot exceed 100 pounds and if are to be shipped must weigh less than 45 pounds.
Invisible Storage Option

We also offer a Invisible Secure Storage option for persons with a specific confidential need.

Do you have some boxes of confidential items that you want to store and don’t want anybody to know where they are? Do you have some items that you can’t fit in a safety deposit box? Don’t want to have to keep track of the key or who may get possession of it?

We offer an Invisible Storage option. You pay in advance for the term you would like to store the item. We never contact you or bill you about your storage.

The items are secured in our facility and can be only accessed by you or by a password that you may choose to give to another person to be able to access your items. This type of Invisible Storage enables you to entrust to any person you designate at any time you choose, the ability to access your items securely. You may wish to give the access password to your attorney, trustee or heir so that they may retrieve your items in storage privately.

We can also, at a time you choose, or in the event the paid time period elapses and you are not available, deliver the items to a designated person. You customize the way your items in storage are to be accessed in the future.

Please call or email us to get started today!

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